PT. KOEXIM MANDIRI FINANCE (KMF) which grows consistently in business performance since its establishment in June 1, 1992 now successfully comes out as one of the leading multi-finance companies in Indonesia. It is one of the subsidiaries of The Export-Import Bank of Korea, the major shareholder which has 85% shares and PT. Pengelola Investama Mandiri (PIM) which has 15% shares.

Up to now KMF is making every effort to provide the needed services to our customers. Having succeeded with the two services, Leasing and Factoring, now we proudly presents the flagship financial services, Business Credit and Purchasing Credit.

Whereas the preceding services were focusing on the benefits of utilities ownership for the customers without depleting the available capital and financing activity in the form of the purchase of short-term trade receivable of a company as well as the settlement of the receivable, the two new services have more various benefits for the customers. Business Credit will give a short-term credit facility for productive purpose while Purchasing Credit will give a long-term credit facility for not only productive purpose but also consumptive purpose to our customers.